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Pusaka: Journal of Tourism, Hospitality, Travel and Business Event is a scientific publication published every February – July and August – January. The published article is the result of selection with a double-blind review system. Pusaka: Journal of Tourism, Hospitality, Travel and Business Event accepts manuscripts in the form of research results, theoretical studies, theoretical applications, conceptual ideas, and book reviews relevant to the Tourism Discipline. In addition, the Editor of Pusaka: Journal of Tourism, Hospitality, Travel and Business Event processes manuscripts that have never been published before.

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Vol 5 No 1 (2023): February – July 2023

Published: Feb 2, 2023

Audio-Visual Scenario of Kondubuleng Performance as A Learning Formula and Training of Actor

1-10 Muhajir Muhajir, Ferawaty Syam, Muh. Fadhly Kurniawan
Read Statistic: 148

The Use of Digital Library for Tourism Promotion Through Tourism Object Transliteration Into Katakana and Lontara Letter

11-19 Kasmawati Kasmawati, Burhan Kadir, agussalim agussalim, Renold Renold, Firmansyah Firmansyah, Muh. Bintang Rahmadhani Antasari
Read Statistic: 75

The Effect of Communication, Motivation and Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance: Empirical Study Of Hotel Harper Prints By Aston, Makassar

20-32 I Gede Arya Pering Arimbawa, Ardhi Goeliling, Tyta Ripal, Arya Bayu Peringga Putra, Abd Rahim Amin
Read Statistic: 78

The The Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures of Restaurant Services in Developing English Material

33-47 Faradillah - Saputri, Andi Tenri Ampa, Syamsiarna - Nappu
Read Statistic: 263

Sistem Geographic Information Web-Based Tourist Attractions Blog in Tomohon City

48-56 Telly Hetty Isje Kondoj, Jeannlly Adri Solang, Frans Victor Rattu
Read Statistic: 45

Analysis of The Potential of Subak as A Sustainable Tourism Attraction Based on Agro-Tourism In The Village of Jatiluwih

57-62 Firlie Lanovia Amir
Read Statistic: 48

Analysis of the Influence of Physical Environment, Service Quality, and Satisfaction on Revisit Intention at Resort in Batam City

63-71 Dewirahayu Sad Wijaya, Ratih Anggraini
Read Statistic: 152

Planning and Mapping of Lunjen Village, Buntu Batu District, Enrekang Regency

72-80 Firda Rahmayanti, Farid Asfari Rahman, Regina Shintya Dewi J, Mas Dadang Enjat Munajat, Evi Novianti
Read Statistic: 40

Tourists' Decisions Factors to Visit Spiritual Tourism Destinations: Case of St. Mary Grotto Kerep Ambarawa

81-86 Reagan Brian, Johannes Kurniawan
Read Statistic: 62

The Application of the Use of Indonesian Language in Promoting Tourist Destinations to Archipelago Tourists in North Toraja Regency

87-93 Ernawati Ab, Syamsul Bahri, St. Aminah AB, Darmayasa Darmayasa
Read Statistic: 55

Local Culinary Travel Pattern Development Model in Lerep Tourism Village

94-97 Setiawan Wibowo, Nur Farah Fajriaty Muchlis, Muhammad Yahya
Read Statistic: 99

Compensation Management for Industrial Employees of Sport Event Venue Management (Case Study: PT. Jakabaring Sport City)

98-105 Muhammad Iqbal Djohan, Ahmad Kurniawan
Read Statistic: 80
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