Vol. 6, No 1 (2024)
February 2024– July 2024

Tourism Diversity: Indonesia, UK, Poland, Japan and Thailand (5 Countries)

Volume 6 No 1 (2024) consists of 6 articles to be published. The article "Implications of the Role of Green Jobs in the Development of Low-Carbon Tourism" by Mahardhika Berliandaldo, Muhammad Iqbal Rosyidi, Angga Wijaya Holman Fasa and Dini Andriani. This research suggests that there are four key elements to achieving a low-carbon hospitality industry, namely environmental innovation, investment in green tourism, human resource capacity and green skills. Research on "Anti-fraud strategies in tourism destination organisations: The role of leader integrity, ethical leadership, trust in leaders" by Anita Carolina and Anis Wulandari. This research was conducted in Madura, with the findings that tourism governance requires leader integrity, ethical leadership and trust in leaders as key factors for anti-fraud success. Ni Putu Evi Wijayanti et al's research on "Voluntourism Motivations of Gen Z Participants in Bali" suggests that Gen Z has a strong interest in voluntourism to promote destinations, which is an opportunity for the tourism industry and organisations to work with Gen Z.  The research titled 'Feasibility Study of Homestay Management in Rural Areas (Tebat Meringang Lame, South Sumatra)' by Wisanggeni Agus Priyanto, Hariman Hariman, Andi Ade Zulkifli and Abdul Khaliq recommends increasing the number of personnel in each homestay according to workload standards. The required skills for these positions include reception and room attendance, food management, and improving local literacy about Ghumah Bagh. The study also discusses Culinary Tourism in Kutawaringin (Bandung). This study, prepared by Annisa Bintang Kusumawardhani, Awaludin Nugraha, Evi Novianti, and Ilma Chairunnisa, examines the structural relationship between food quality, travelers' perception, and culinary tourism satisfaction in Kutawaringin, West Java. The study found that lemon tea was the most popular food, and tourists rated the vendor service as the most popular at 74%. The food hygiene score was 71%, while the food flavor received a score of 60%. The vendor's location affordability was rated at 57%, and the food quality and promotion received a score of 46%. The food price was rated the lowest at 40%. The article titled 'The Importance of Customer Relationship Management to Increase Customer Loyalty at Hotel X West Bandung Regency' was researched by Ananta Budhi Danurdara, Rudy Parlindungan Siahaan, and Ammarn Sodawan. The results of the research in West Bandung Regency show that there are three programs that the researcher has identified as having an impact on CRM: the partnership program, sustainable marketing, and one-to-one marketing. Using a qualitative approach, the researcher examined the programs and related them to the theory through primary research. Hotel X in West Bandung Regency did not adopt the branding program based on the interview session results. It is suggested that the hotel should conduct short-term market and competitor research. As technology advances, so does the environment.

Published: Mar 5, 2024

Vol. 5, No 2 (2023)
August 2023 – January 2024

This issue has been available online since August 2023. All articles in this issue (6 articles) include 14 Authors from 2 countries of origin (Malaysia and Indonesia).


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